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Gabriela Pruneda:

Watching this episode brought to surface a great many things I already feel perplexed over, beginning with voices heard and silenced. I cannot help but think that Cora Crawley’s life is now going to be a living nightmare, albeit tempered by the silence women endured during that time and in that social ambiance. How can a mother stay silent and not force her own mother’s intuition to act on her daughter’s behalf, regardless of what her husband might have said? Even in relative silence there is power in a woman’s voice, particularly in service of those she has given birth to. Why didn’t she put her foot down and force what she felt to be the guide in deciding against no C-Section? I will never understand silence, especially when lives are in the balance.

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Downton Abbey Joss Barratt PhotographerThis week on Downton Abbey, Sybil gives birth to Robert and Cora’s first grandchild. So why does everyone end the episode looking even glummer than Carson on a good day? Read on to find out!

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DOCTOR, DOCTOR | As Sybil’s due date nears, Robert brushes aside Dr. Clarkson and brings in fancypants Sir Phillip to deliver the baby. Big mistake, it turns out. Bloody huge! Though the family’s longtime physician diagnoses the mum-to-be as suffering from eclampsia and wants to rush her to the hospital, Sir Phillip insists that she’s right as rain — and, much to Cora’s chagrin, Robert backs him! Needless to say, as soon as Sybil and Tom’s daughter is born without complication, Robert and Sir Phillip get busy patting one another on the back… or at least they do until Sybil starts having…

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