An end to fasting

Today I attended the ‘Eid prayer in celebration of the end of our month of fasting: Ramadan.  I must say I am both happy and sad.  Though many may not correlate fasting to happiness, I found much joy in the month in which our priorities take second place to recognizing the blessings Allah bestows upon us.  I must say that my sadness is due to the departure of such a blessed month in which our inner peace increases exponentially; for indeed a month in which our ‘ibadah (worship) gives us countless blessings and opens our eyes to the things we close them to in our daily lives is vital to our reality.  I only pray that this insight remains with me throughout the entire year until once again we rejoice upon Ramadan’s return next year, in sha Allah.  I pray next year to be standing in front of the Ka’bah celebrating and rejoicing the many bounties given me by the One who created me: Allah.  I also hope that my family can experience the total inner peace I have enjoyed for over thirteen years now.

So I think I have it bad at times…

Just when I think that my problems are everything, I read two books by Francisco Jimenez: The Circuit and Breaking Through.  It makes me think that whatever trials I endured while on my way to earning my education were not as dramatic.  Being the daughter of immigrants, however, I connected on a much more personal level and renewed my belief that being "other" can still be a setback, but not a terminal sentence.