End to Ramadan yet again

Monday, October 23, 2006, was our ‘Eid.  We finished yet another month of fasting and another year has passed.  This October, two people (Sheikh Rashad on 10/12/2006) and my sister-in-Islam’s brother (Ahmad Gamal on 10/19/2006) died.  To see their families go through that pain was extremely painful.  But I was happy for them.  As for Sheikh Rashad, he was like a father to me.  When I first accepted Islam, it was one of the happiest times of my life, but it was also one of the most sorrowful and confusing.  Navigating a new religion isn’t always easy and the Muslims I have encountered are a sorry excuse for "living" Islam.  Sheikh Rashad and his wife were more than just advisors, they were like my own flesh and blood.  When I heard he died, I was stunned.  Not because I didn’t think he was beyond death, but because it marked the end of an era.  I only hope that his family is doing well.  May Allah grant him mercy and the highest level of Jennah: Al-Firdaus, ameen
With regards to my friend, she prayed for her brother’s well-being and she was there for him from the very beginning of his end.  No regrets.  She has nothing (I think) to look back on and feel regretful for.  He was in her home being well cared for and she was there when he departed.  His parting words were in praise of his Creator.  May Allah grant him mercy, ameen.
I wish them the best and they are in my prayers.