The “High” and Mighty

I will leave out details to protect the innocent, but I do want to discuss the issue that has troubled my mind since Monday last. You see, readers, I have a new addition to my crazy family–which includes blood, marriage, rejects, adoptees, wannabes, and all other sorts of people who walk the face of this here planet we call home. This family of mine is not perfect, for no family is perfect, and it gives me a sense of being that I often turn to when things don’t seem to be kosher. I adore and abhor my family, at times, for they are as flawed as any collection of humans are. I celebrate the weirdness factor that I find so endearing and yearn to be as close to them as my claustrophobia, antisocial tendencies, and soulless (thanks Ibrahim) condition allow me to be. The truth, I define “me” through my people, in part, as I think most people do. In short, I’m in love with my crazies. But, there is a caveat. At times, embedded within this great collection of humans I call family, there is aberrant behavior weird even for my ‘loved’ ones. It is this abomination that has had me in an internal uproar for the past few days. You see, this abomination, which I will now call Abominable Snowman, or Snow for short, thinks he is above reproach and has delusions of grandeur. What has got me so upset, you ask? He ‘commented’ on one of my peeps and did so with callous intent (and people call ME heartless/soulless/Ice Queen/antisocial). Now, the person at whom this tirade of idiocy was directed had not earned any bit of his Holier-Than-Thou affliction. If at all, Snow should have been comforting, understanding, inviting, in short, all things that escape Snow’s capacity. To salt to my festering wound, Snow also shot out at me for being involved in celebrating the new addition–which makes me question his views on my status as a family member.

Don’t fret, readers, for I lose no sleep over Snow’s thoughts about me or those people I call family. What did ruffle my feathers, though, was that the new family member, having been recently inducted into the fraternity of quirky hell, was brought to tears at Snow’s ridiculousness. I tried to reassure my new crazy, but the fact of Snow’s effect remains what it is: ignorance and provincial ideologies. You know what “they” (and I am still looking for those people) say, “You can take the boy out of the (plug in place here), but you can’t take the (plug in state of being/thought here) out of the boy.” Or something of that sort.

Well, if I were to continue on this thread, I would finish a psychological dissertation on the ifs, ands, or whys of arrogance and idiocy, so I will end here.


Don’t assume because you take someone out of their natural habitat that they will change their backwards thinking. The wild will always remain wild, to a degree.

Don’t assume that silence is always complacency. It can also be a time of restructuring where you will end up cut from the social stratus.

Don’t assume that messing with family, no matter how ‘right’ you think you are, will bring about the best in people. It won’t. You end up looking like the donkey.

2 thoughts on “The “High” and Mighty

  1. Hilarious! I reread it over and over and over and over again, and needless to say; I loved it! And I don’t think it was harsh, it was pure honesty!

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