2 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Is this a trick? Lol! Well, i have recently had my confirmation in how i dont have any……. so, im working on it. Its not trust in others, because i dont….im not a hater, but i believe no one. But my so called trust in Allah – let me correct myself…..what i perceoved as my ability to trust Allah, was a fallicy. Wow! These little papers to be authenticated have relealed an ugly truth about my beliefs. Not that im going to go on & talk about whay a bad person i am…… nut im sincerely greatful for the chamce to begin building, notice i said that word & not place, my trust in Allah. Idk how this will turn out, but my hope & prayer is that this will be the beginning o fhow i learn to trust Allah in all things.

    • Trust is a very delicate matter. In any situation, trust is built, often through the course of eons, but not nurtured. The only true bond I have ever had albeit it’s been often unilateral, is the faith I have in God. God has always seen me through the darkest of times and I don’t want that ever to change. If not for Him, I would be lost. I hope that you are able to reassemble your parts the way they need to do and that your trust is restored. I certainly need to work on being a more spiritual person.

      Life is so difficult, but when trust is lost, especially in those we need to trust in, it is increasingly more difficult to navigate daily life. Keep strong. Keep in touch. Remember that you will have a sister in me, when you should need one, even if you travel to China. 🙂

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