Piano Sonata No. 17 in D Minor, Op. 31 No. 2-“Tempest”


One thought on “Piano Sonata No. 17 in D Minor, Op. 31 No. 2-“Tempest”

  1. I remember many things about my father–his love of of classical music being the most profound. When he was in his room, alone with his radio, tape/CD player and headphones, I could often hear the classical music piercing through. Unlike us, he never forced his music on us. We would always blast noise throughout the house, even when he would tell us to turn it down. I remember feeling the vibrations of the music through the walls and furniture. In the mornings, I would take my daily routine with a steady stream of sounds blasting from my radio. My father never thought my rap or rock-and-roll was cultured enough, but he continued listening to his own music without imposing it on me. He did the same with his reading choices. It was his method of enjoying his own likes that enticed me to investigate what was so enchanting.

    As an adult now, I wouldn’t know the first thing about the technicalities of music and what makes one note major or minor, but I do know the feelings that course through my body when I listen to music. It is a distraction in all senses, for me. It is what my father craved, I believe. Perhaps he wanted to disconnect from the world around him–chaos not being one of his likes. Perhaps he felt no one understood what he really wanted or believed. He was a conundrum and never ceased to fascinate me and my world. He was all things wonderful and dreadful to me. I absolutely adored him, but he was also a man who could draw from within me such powerful feelings of anger at not having control of his addiction to alcohol. I think in part it was the marriage of life and libations that spurred his love of music on. I, though I never took to drinking, find that listening to classical music is a sure way to disconnect and maybe try to find what ails me at that moment. In truth, I think this music is one that most definitely conjures up a vast array of demons I have spent the greater part of my lifetime securing deep within my closets.

    In all, music is a powerful antidote. What I’m still trying to sort out is what I’m doing when I hit play on my iPod. What am I trying to feel? Who am I mad at? What am I trying to feel? I guess it will take more time than just a round of classical music on a daily basis.

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