Peace to all of mankind!

Born to Mexican immigrants, I was raised with a sense of family that brings both joy and pain.  I love with a passion and have determination that can often be my flaw.  While some label me stubborn, I choose to think of myself as assertive with a passion and a goal.

I’ve learned that all things in life are temporal, they can be linked to things spiritual not bound by time.  I choose to believe that we are all intertwined, regardless of time, space, and desire.  I love my family with intense passion and I believe in human beings, though often disappointed because of that same Utopian persistence.

I love reading and learning, and I pray I never stop.  I love my family and though I recently lost my Big Daddy, I will always carry him in my heart and soul.  I pray one day we are reunited to continue our daily visits and never-ending bonding.  I love you, Daddy!


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