School year ends

I hear the silence of my classroom, and I want to celebrate. The students have been here, done their work, caused me grief, and moved on with the year. They will not keep me company over the summer, for what students in their right mind would want to do such a thing, but the memory of having had such wonderful creatures in my life will be with me. Those memories, some of which WILL fade, will live with me and give me joy. It is such a blessing to be a teacher in a classroom full of wonderful people. I know teenagers are a load of issues bundled in with bone and tissue, but they are also very kind and caring humans with talent, skill, wit, and possibility that if nurtured grows exponentially. I want to be a catalyst in at least one life, for I will partake of the reward with every benefit they are to their society. I love these guys, one and all, and hope that each year I am again blessed with countless of these caring souls to uplift mine.